Made in Portugal

Why we produce in Portugal you say? I’ll tell you why.

It all started many years ago when we first went to Portugal to experience the amazing weather and culture together. We went from Porto to Braga, then to Lisbon and on to the beautiful south. It wasn’t long after that we noticed the fact that we had a story to tell. A story that describes a path that leads our King through the lovely world we are living in. On that path our King (Rei) sees and will see many wonderful people. He will hear the most precious stories and will create his empire of true inspiration. But what is the core of all the beauty he sees? The core is found in purity and authenticity. That’s what life is all about and therefore we will always be looking for that in everything we do.

Production is where dreams, drawings and endless hours of hard work come to reality. That’s the reason we took a lot of effort to find the most authentic clothing manufacturers. We went to many different factories in Europe and finally ended up in Portugal. The place where it all began! Portugal has a flourishing textile industry where a great sense for quality meets great working environments for all the people involved. We visited several places in Porto and Lisbon areas and rolled out our story and plans with as a result the collaborations we still have today.

Our world is about fashion and fashion is about people. Not only the people wearing the clothes but most certainly also the people making them are part of our world and part of our kingdom (Reino).

From day one of production we truly believe in our Portuguese partnerships and will continue to conquer the world with them.

May 01, 2020 — Julian Branquinho