As the story continuous in a journey to the unknown. To find beauty is not only to find at his home. The beat of the heart he had as a youngster. The beat I never gain had to answer. But what he would find crossing all of the waters and behind every border. You can find more beauty unbothered. Again and again, thinking it couldn't but clearly, it can. The difference in styles, colours and shapes, every time I got more amazed. Golden skins and voluminous hair and so unaware. Even more, far from a bore finding out what they had in store. Strong as can be and personality. No life without, the pillar so proud. Crack in my heart that again has to bleed. Wishing that I would never have to leave. Still on a quest, so afraid that I have. I hope when I can, I will come back.

A collaboration with the gifted photographer Ruby Cruden. A project that started with this shoot.